Join our partnership and team up with the largest Number Managers in the world!

Traffic Monetization

Whether you’re a veteran or brand new to number or call monetization, let us look at your network and see how we can put money back in your pocket. Do you spend thousands of dollars each month holding an inventory of numbers while waiting for someone to license or buy those numbers? While you’re waiting, let us turn those expenses into actual revenue!

We have creative solutions for driving traffic to the highest paying offers, as well as the largest network of advertisers around. We can also help deliver calls to wherever and whenever you want.

Getting started is super easy and we do most of the work! Once network info is exchanged you’re on your way to getting paid!

Live Traffic

There are many ways to generate leads for your business.

Popular methods include Pay-Per-Click advertising or even the yellow pages. Let us make it easier and more cost efficient by generating live leads straight to your phone. With no ads to click, you’ll only pay for the calls you receive!

Tired of waiting for customers to find you? Let us connect real people and stop hoping for them to find you! Verticals include …..Travel, Insurance, Home Services and more!

Number Sales and Leasing

Find your perfect number in 1 location.
Do you spend a lot of time searching for the perfect numbers from multiple vendors?

Or in order to find them, you’ve had to utilize an expensive and hard to use tool?

Don’t be fooled, other guys will tell you they have 40 million numbers, but it could take them weeks to acquire the number you need since they don’t own them. With Call Haven Partners we can get you the number you want the same day you need it without the hassle!

Getting good numbers and great service is not easy… but it should be. We’ll even let you use our numbers for free! Let us show you how!

Get a Cool, Memorable Toll-Free Number

Offering a memorable number will allow your customers to easily remember and connect with you! We have many millions of numbers to choose from. We’ll help you find one that’s easy for your customers to remember and dial.

No Equipment Costs

Use your existing phone by ringing your new number directly to any phone line! We can also help you port your number to your own carrier.

No need to give out your personal number to the world, just provide them with your new business number and never miss a customer’s call!

Number Housing

We have multiple solutions for housing Toll-Free Numbers as well as Local Numbers. Contact us to find out how we can secure your precious assets.

Are you paying someone to park your numbers?
Let us prospect for you and pay YOU to park your numbers.

Consulting Services

Contact us for a free consultation! We will help identify ways we can save you thousands of dollars per month on your telecommunications solutions .

Simple Integration

Getting started is simple, and we do most of the work involved in setting up services. Our team will get the work scoped out and completed without the hassle.

And we keep you updated each step of the way. It’s never too late to contact us to see how we can help you turn your costs into profit!


Get the 800 numbers that your clients really want, without having to spend thousands of dollars!

Call Haven Partners is giving away FREE, True 800 numbers to use in your existing marketing campaigns

At Call Haven Partners®, we understand how important it is to protect your call traffic. We have a team dedicated to protecting your numbers to ensure they are safe, secure and that you won’t lose a minute of calls.