The problem might be how your numbers are used

Call monetization should be an easy way to generate some revenue, however, sometimes you speak with a company and realize it won’t work.
Either the company tells you that you lose control of your network, or if you take the leap and start working with someone, you’re disappointed to find out how little money you’re actually making from lending out your network.
Why is that?
When you’re speaking with companies, make sure to consider how your network is being used and if the company is really working to find the best way to utilize your network on a continual basis, to make you money.
Did you sign with someone and you were told they were lending your network for research purposes? If that’s the case, then the research has probably taken priority… along with the profits.

You may think that this program can’t work for you and your company’s structure, and with some services that may be true, but you need to look for a company that is willing to work with you, within your guidelines to make you money.

Call Haven Partners works with carriers in many fashions to offset costs and generate unfound revenue, one of those ways is through call monetization. If you have certain guidelines we need to work within regarding your numbers, just let us know.

At Call Haven Partners, we strive to get you set up quickly and making money right away. Then, we continue to dig and prospect for you, to find ways to increase your payouts!
We provide regular updates and we are always just a call or email away to connecting with a live person.

Call us today and see how much more money you could be making!